Mechanical Engineering

New systems are constantly being designed in mechanical engineering. The increase in productivity in modern societies can be largely attributed to technical advancements and innovations. Advanced technologies and work environments in turn require new developments in the mechanical-engineering field.

Mechanical Engineering

Some requirements for high-quality machines, however, always remain the same. One of these requirements is the protection against wear and a long service life of the components used. There are many components in the extensive application areas of mechanical engineering which must withstand corrosive processes. At the same time, however, their resistance to abrasive wear, cavitation, and cold welding is also essential. The materials used must also be immune to load peaks and load changes in many situations.The use of stainless steel protects against corrosion. Common types of stainless steel such as 1.4301 (AISI 304) have only very low hardness values and therefore wear out quickly in demanding situations. Improvement can be achieved using BORINOX®, a BorTec process for the hardening of a large number of stainless-steel types. We will introduce you to a few frequently used parts and how you can treat them in order to be able to manufacturer your products to be more durable and of higher quality.

In which industries can BORINOX® be used?

Mechanical Engineering is an area of use for hardening of stainless steelThe hardening of stainless steel is generally conceivable in all sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering. Frequent applications include fittings technology and the automotive industry. Additionally, all applications where components come into contact with acidic and corrosive media. Here are few examples in fastening technology, mixer systems, filling and dispensing systems, food technology and medical technology. BORINOX® can also be used in power-plant technology.


How does the hardening of stainless steel help?

The advantages of the BORINOX® process lie in the fact that the positive properties of the formerly used materials are retained. No substitution of the materials used is required. If the service life of the components you use is limited by adhesion, tribo-oxidation, erosion wear or cavitation, there is a good chance that this lifespan can be extended considerably by hardening the steels used with BORINOX®.

These materials can be hardened with the BORINOX® process

A large number of different materials are used in mechanical engineering. BORINOX® can be used in the stainless-steels sector to treat a wide range of materials. These include, for example, austenite, duplex steels, PH steels, martensite, and nickel-based alloys. More information can be found here.

Additional applications: